Greatest African Leaders of all Time

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  1. Bisong James Otu says:

    I appreciate our great African Leaders for the Legacy Left, I ought every African to put first peace and peace alone will make Africa one United Nation.

  2. seid says:

    All are from sub-Saharan Africa, what about leaders from Egypt and Lybia? Jemal abdul nasir of egypt and gadafi of libya? Best leader in their countries, they changed the living standard of people of in their respective countries.

    • C. Sahlezghi says:

      You are right. I disagree when leaders that don’t bow to western demands, for eg., Mugabe and M. Gaddafi are termed as bad and leaders such as Haile selassie that massacred 10s of thousands of innocent civilians in Eritrea and southern Ethiopia are referred as “great” leaders. What a shame!!!

  3. Robert L Smith says:

    Honorable mention is the current EFF leader in South Africa, Julius Malema.

  4. Negalign says:

    I have enormous appreciation for Nelson Mandela.But Mandela was trained by Hailesilasse . And Hailesilasse was the co-founder and leader of African Union. Also his state was un-colonized. Due to this reason why isn’t Hailesilsse the best of all African leaders???

    • World History Edu says:

      No doubt Haile Selassie was a monumental leader in Africa. Only a select few (dead or alive) on the African continent can match his record in championing pan Africanism. When we made the list, we had an extensive debate over who should occupy the first position. It was between Selassie and Mandiba (Mandela). The reason why Mandela tipped Selassie to the top position was because he did something that was quite rare in Africa at the time. He served one term and voluntarily stepped down. Mind you, this was after he had spent close to three decades behind bars under Apartheid regime.

      In terms of championing African unity, Emperor Haile Selassie was definitely the greatest in Africa. However, in terms of bringing diverse cultures and races together, Mandela ranks top. Due to the extremely delicate situation that existed South Africa, we simply had to give it to a leader who was able to bring together a nation torn apart by half a century of brutal racial and economic segregation. His message of reconciliation and tolerance for all races would likely never be matched by any leader.

      Thank you for your comment, Negalign. Be sure to check out our upcoming articles that shed enormous light on Africa and its diverse cultures.

  5. Thabiso Maolwane says:

    All those whom seek to upgrade the living standard of their citizens were brutally murdered by coups sponsored by external western forces, the likes of these golden bloods: Thomas Sankara and Muammar Gaddafi, may their spirits continue to inspire the upcoming african leaders.

  6. Collins Oswago says:

    Tom Mboya of Kenya was also a great Pan-African. He devoted his youthful time to fight for the rights of workers. It is through leading the labor union that he was able to advocate for the rights of African workers by sharing ideologies that reverberated across the African continent. Before his assassination in 1939, he pioneered the African Airlift Students programme which saw several African students including Barack Obama Sr getting a chance to study in the United States. His memories will forever be etched in our hearts.

  7. Fidel says:

    I wish we could have leaders like Thomas Sanakara, Mandela.. To represent us currently.. As fidel kobe in kenya

  8. Samuel mens says:

    What i am missing in the list of these Pan Africans is the names of Qaddafi and Mugabe. These were men who took African affairs seriously. Their ideas did not agree with what colonialist and the powers above wanted. Lets not forget these 2 great men because of what mainstream media made them to be.

    • Ebenezer Manu (sociable) says:

      What u are saying is true, we shouldn’t forget them at all. They made and contributed a lot for Africa

  9. Godfrey says:

    Thank God there is no mention of any Nigerian leaders, dead or alive here otherwise I wouldn’t even give this list a second thought. (I am from Nigeria by the way.) I find this list very credible and thoughtful for this reason.

  10. Ogwang says:

    All the leaders you put here, they once belonged to a majority tribe in their countries.
    Think about Dr. Apolo Milton Obote ,from the smallest tribe in Uganda, he successfully led Uganda including helping S. Africa attain her independence.

  11. Ebenezer Manu (sociable) says:

    Indeed these are our forever greatest LEADERS. Their names will never be erase from our HEARTS. Thanks for peaceful works, may your souls Rest In Perfect Peace. Legendary forever in Africa

  12. George Y. Williams says:

    Where is Robert Mugabe, Charles G. Taylor and Mohammed Kadafi? These great leaders were pushing for the United States of Africa they shouldn’t have been forgotten.

  13. Chibuike says:

    You people should not always buy white men ideas Nelson Mandela is not the Greatest African because he betrayed his people and the white rewarded him by portraying as if he’s the greatest though he should make top 10 list but he shouldn’t be the 1st
    People like
    1 Nkrumah
    2 Haile Salinas
    3 Robert Mugabe
    4 Thomas sankara
    5 Mandela
    6 Muammar Gaddafi
    7 Julius Nyerere
    8 Patrice Lumumba
    9 Madibo Keyetta
    10 Kenneth Kaunda

  14. moges says:

    who trained haile silasse???minilik!!!!!! who is a waving flag for all black nations????minilik!!!!!!who mortify a devilish italian colony?????minilik!!!!why you mation minilik first by far???????go france and ask macron!!!!!

  15. Pranab Das says:

    List incomplete. No Egyptian politicians are mentioned in the List, though it is a prominent country of Africa.

  16. Francis Eneyo says:

    Worthy of mention on your list is Robert Mugabe. He so excellently stood up against the colonial establishment.

  17. Mohamed Koroma says:

    As far as I know Nelson Mandela to me is no hero. The white people made him hero. He betrayed his country with the pretext of being peaceful. Apartheid never ends in SA. Even in his time he allowed white supremacists in SA.

    • Siboniso Motha says:

      Hi Mohamed. Apartheid has ended in SA, even though racism still exists, not only in SA but all over the world. Nelson Mandela to me is a hero and deserves to be top of this list because he promoted Peace And Reconsiliation and prevented the start of what was about to be a civil war, this could cost us a lot, economically and a lot of lives would have continued to be lost.

    • Sawa says:

      This one always makes me feel sick coz he was really praised and I wanted to believe he was good .. but i keep Reading that he wasnt good enough .. the same with Obama . There is a reason Why they allowed him in the White House . Not all skin folk are kin folk ..

  18. Hannibal Barca says:

    they are naming only “sub-saharan” african leaders on purpose because to them “north africa” isn’t part of the continent the invaders there want to split it from africa and join with the arabian peninsula but north africa is apart pf africa its a historical fact nothing will change this

  19. Nana Kwame says:

    Dr Kwame Nkrumah must be the most regarded leader of Africa and there is no doubt about that.He is indeed the gateway to Africa.

    • Vis says:

      Did he not eventyally ruin the country. One party state. Self proclaimed life long president. Was there peace or economic prosperity? I dont think so.
      Just asking. Im no authority on the subject.

  20. A.rahman says:

    There is no justice in this research the best African Muslim leaders were pushed behind
    Like: siad barre in Somalia, qadafi in Libya, jamal abdinasir in Egypt, no justice please tell truth from the history because history it can’t be hidden

  21. spencer hamadziripi says:

    What about a R G Mugabe?

  22. Antonio Vesselee says:

    These people will always be remembered on the continent of Africa.

  23. Emeka A.Ogbonna says:

    Looking at these wonderful great leaders,and examining their environment,challenges,ideologies, humility, sacrifices,scarce resources and resounding achievements, l quickly come to terms with the fact that what we now have, and after them, are mainly selfish rulers and strange breeds of Africans.

  24. Nafi says:

    Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia was by far the greatest leader in the 2000s, may he rip

  25. muhammad shahid says:

    I like Kofi Annan. He was a great leader. He worked for the Africians nicely. I love him.

  26. Oduro kwarteng says:

    Dr Kwame Nkrumah should be placed first, he started the campaign for the OAU (the Organisation of African Union). Ghana was the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence, regardless Nkrumah didn’t sit down, he fought for the total liberation of Africa

  27. Derrick Christopher says:

    Where is Shaka Zulu

  28. david mark says:

    I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a great leader on your list from Nigeria which is the giant of Africa,what about obafemi awolowo, tafawa balewa and nnamdi azikwe that fought for independent from the colonization

  29. Ishaku sani kano says:

    I couldnt believe that there is no Nnamdi Azikiwe, Abubakar Tafawa, Obafemi Awolowu among the list, to me they are the best!
    From Nigeria.

  30. Amos F Bowah says:

    Thinks for wonderful information

  31. Kirah A. HAnsford says:

    Thanks for making this! It really had a helping hand in my project, I have to give recongnition to an African Leader. So this definently helped! Gracias~!

  32. Kingsley Otabil says:

    Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana should be listed first as the greatest African leader, Despite liberated his country from the Colonial rule in 1957, he set the footprint for the entire Africa Liberation. In April 1958, he organized first conference of independent African States in Accra, Ghana, at the time were about eight countries in Africa. ( Ethiopia-Ghana-Liberia-Libya- Morocco-Sudan-Tunisia-and United Arab Republic.) He said we are one, an injury to one, is an injury to all. Hands off Africa. Africa must be Free. He was co- founder of the Organisation of Africa Unity, now (AU). A 20th century advocate of Pan-Africanism. He was among the principal organizers of the Fifth Pan – African Congress in Manchester in 1945. The man who inspired the continent of Africa.

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