Donald Trump’s Educational Background

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  1. Raymonc Clary says:

    Regarding the above negative comments about our President’s denying access to his educational records, I have learned since my graduation from the Naval Academy in 1965 that my education served to open many doors for me. However, it was my performance in the jobs I have held that defined my successes. Whether I was first in my class or last, it was my performance that mattered most. Donald Trump’s performance as President has exceeded all expectations — and has absolutely enraged his liberal detractors.

    • Nai’a says:

      Let’s see ..???
      I assume, that, after receiving his BS Degree (I’m not referring to Bachelor of Science Degree .. rather, Bull S**T degree, with MULTIPLE BANKRUPTCIES, to support his INEPTITUDE ) which Daddy, once again, had to come rescue his sorry OKOLE), he continued on his path of privileged, underperformance, selfishness, bullying (probably had big, paid-off support), disrespect, and NARCISSISM, from the beginning. To a point where his incompetence is threatening the Stability, Respect, and Leadership, Of the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH !!

    • Demetrio says:

      That’s why Republicans against Trump exists. It has nothing to do with liberal detractors. But nice try.

    • Rick says:

      Yes, keep drinking that Orange Kool-Aid.

  2. Janice Bullock says:

    I agree with Raymonic that performance matters more than academic grades; however, moral and ethical performance matters most, and this is where President Trump has failed dismally. A student displaying such behavior (bullying, name calling, racial slurring, posting threats on social media) would find him/herself facing consequences, including suspension. I fear for our country’s future when we condone such behavior from our President without consequences and place financial success above our moral and ethical values.

    • Jerry Chambers says:

      He obviously did not graduate at the top of his class or we would hear constantly about his magna cum laude. He probably failed out of Fordham. But the most serious thing was the trouble he got into at Kew-Forest. A friend of mine, who attended Kew-Forest with him told be that he was notorious for his gang-crime that he was involved in. All the members of the gang except him were arrested, but somehow he got off and withdrew. This did not surprise me when he told me this but the crime was quite awful but consistent with his normal behavior.

      • Ben Conners says:

        Jerry is exactly correct about the gang-???? that he was involved in. I have a friend that went to school with him and related this to me. His daddy made compensation and promised to “straighten him out.” His buddies were not so lucky.

  3. Mar says:

    I think he left Fordham because the school would not take money from his dad to assure passing grades for him. On to U. Of Pa. , there daddy could give lots of money to insure son at least graduated. If someone hides something you can bet that they don’t want anyone to see it. No one hides good, only bad!

  4. Chappie says:

    Don the Con. He was given every opportunity to excel in this world. Yet he either dumbs down his speech to pander to his base to which he admits is beneath him. Or he truly is a dotard. He has conned people into believing failure to be success, that it better to appear to be strong than be strong, to say you are smart than actually act intelligently, to pretend to be sure than to actually know, to believe he actually has a plan when none exists , to be respected when he respects nobody, to say he has faith when he has never practiced it. To say he has performed beyond expectation is saying something about how low those expectations where and are. He is an unmitigated disaster as both a human being and the POTUS.

  5. Lee Simms says:

    I voted for Donald thinking he would be a change of pace from “politics as usual”. He definitely was a change from the norm. The change was a very ugly and repulsive one. He turned out to be a racist, rich, spoiled brat and he didn’t care who knew about it. I don’t mind going back to “politics as usual”. Anybody but Trump this time. Go Biden!

  6. revniw says:

    For him to hold a BS degree in any discipline from any institution and display this level of stupidity is not just alarming, but frightening in the office of President of the United States of America.

  7. Linda Moore says:

    I think is has already been said so well. This administration has been a disaster and this AM on the news to find out our young men in service have a bounty on their backs is sickening. He does not care and has done nothing. He has torn our county apart and the people he has in place are as inept as he is. God help us.

  8. Harold says:

    Trump’s demonstrated mental abilities does not speak well for the U of P.

  9. Rob says:

    I am horrified that this man may be elected again. He certainly has not done anything but harm our country.

  10. J says:

    Trump does not act like a person that is educated, most of the time in public. I question his manors. He seems to have ADD or ADHD. For an educated person, he seems very narrow minded. His education seems to be very narrow. No wander he is unable to see the big picture. And I made the mistake to vote for him in 2016.

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