Demosthenes: the renowned Greek statesman and one of the greatest orators of all time

Other major achievements of Demosthenes

The following are a few more achievements of Demosthenes the Greek orator:

  • A huge reason for why Demosthenes’ works and speeches continue to resonate even today is because of his strong admiration for democratic systems. The Athenian orator was also praised for being very a conscientious statesman, often times burning the midnight candle and going over speeches after speeches.
  • For centuries, his speech titled “On the Crown” was/still is considered the greatest speech ever given in world history.
  • Since his death, his speeches have strongly influenced the way oration is taught. As a result, he is often hailed as the greatest orator the world has ever seen. He is definitely the greatest and/or most influential to come from ancient Greece.
  • The surviving speeches of Demosthenes shed an interesting light on the socio-political as well as economic life of Athens in the 4th century BC.

More Demosthenes Facts

Demosthenes orator

Bust of the Greek orator Demosthenes found in Italy | Demosthenes orator Louvre

According to some historians, including Plutarch, Demosthenes used to refine his oratory skills in an underground study room he built himself. Additionally, he practiced by the seashore, over the roar of waves, in order to strengthen his voice and tone.

He offered a well-thought out plan to raise taxes on the wealthy to finance his proposed revamp of Athenian Navy.

A number of Demosthenes’ speeches in court against his former guardians survived.

Parallels were drawn between famous Roman orator Cicero’s speeches (against Mark Antony) and Demosthenes’ speeches.

He lived in an era that had many great philosophers, including Plato and Aristotle.


In “Third Phillippic”, the orator Demosthenes called on Athenians to act swiftly and strategically in order to face the threats from abroad.

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