Who was Jezebel’s Husband?

In the Old Testament, Jezebel was a Princess and Queen of ancient Israel. According to theological history, Jezebel was a wicked queen who misled the Jews from serving their true god Yahweh; she committed heresy when she convinced the Jews to worship idols.

Who was Jezebel’s Husband?

Jezebel's Husband

King Ahab was Jezebel’s Husband

Jezebel was married to Ahab, the 7th King of Israel. Ahab succeeded his father, King Omri. The Hebrew Bible depicts Ahab as a tyrannical ruler who spearheaded the Israeli abandonment of Yahweh. He is also known to be the murderer of Naboth (his subject). Ahab reigned over Israel from about 871 BC to 852 BC. The book of 1st Kings estimates that Ahab’s reign lasted for 22 years.

Ahab’s father (Omri) founded the Omri dynasty. Unfortunately, his dynasty did not live long. There are reports that he was an accomplished man of war. Ahab was largely influenced by his wife, Jezebel. She was very instrumental in misguiding him to desert Yahweh for a new religion he founded in Israel known as Baal. Ahab resided in Samaria, the capital town of the royal kingdom. He constructed a temple and an altar to serve as the place of worship of Baal.

According to biblical texts, the Assyrian King, Shalmaneser III fought a battle with Syria, Ammon, and Israel. Ahab sent 2,000 wagons and 10,000 troops to the battlefield. Despite Ahab’s gargantuan army, victory went to the Assyrian side. However, a similar battle later saw Ahab defeat the 32 Kings of Ben-hadad with 7,000 men. After suffering defeat, a treaty ensured that Ben-hadad gave back all cities he had taken from Ahab’s father. Trading of goods between Samaria and Damascus was also restored.

King Ahab’s Death

Ahab and Jehoshaphat (from Judah) took part in a war that started from the East of the River Jordan. They were hopeful of recovering Ramoth-Gilead possessed by the Arameans. Prior to the war, Ahab consulted Micaiah for military advice. Micaiah predicted Ahab was going to die in the war (1st Kings 22). In readiness for battle, Ahab altered his appearance but that couldn’t save him as he was killed by an arrow shot by the enemy. The Hebrew Scriptures say his blood was licked by dogs thereby fulfilling Elijah’s prophecy.

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