Nabopolassar: History, Accomplishments and Facts

King Nabopolassar died in 605 BCE. He was succeeded to the throne by his son and crown prince Nebuchadnezzar II. The latter was wrapping up a campaign against the Egyptians when news of Nabopolassar’s death reached him.

Nabopolassar was buried in a big and well-designed coffin that was covered with gold plates. His tomb was placed in a palace in Babylon.

Factfile: Neo-Babylonian King Nabopolassar

  • It is has been stated that Nabopolassar’s origin could be traced to the southern Mesopotamian city of Uruk.
  • He founded the Chaldean empire and became the first king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire
  • His Chaldean dynasty lasted for many years, until it was toppled by the Persians in 539 BCE
  • Nabopolassar took advantage of the political instability that had beseeched the Assyrian rulers and rose against Neo-Assyrian king Sinsharishkun in order to liberate the Babylonians
  • It took him about 10 years to usurp the Neo-Assyrian empire which had ruled Babylonia for more than a century
  • His name appears in a number of cuneiform inscriptions and the Bible
  • Nabopolassar’s name in the Akkadian language means “O Nabu, watch over my heir” (Nabû-apla-uṣur)
  • His reign was characterized by widespread building activity, including temples and ziggurats
  • He made Babylon the capital of his kingdom
  • Many Babylonian authors in the Hellenistic period associated Nabopolassar with the Babylonian god Marduk
  • He was remembered someone who epitomizes fighting against external domination and rule
  • Nabopolassar was succeeded by Nebuchadnezzar, his eldest son and crown prince

    Nabopolassar – history and facts

Quick Facts about Nabopolassar

Empire: Neo-Babylonian Empire

Reign: 626-605 BCE

Successor: Nebuchadnezzar II

Children: Nebuchadnezzar II, Nabu-shum-lishir and Nabu-zer-ushabshi

Father: Kudurru

Epithets: šarru dannu (“mighty king”), King of Sumer and Akkad, King of the Universe


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