We are the ultimate home for all things history. Here you will find answers to major inquiries historians pose in order to enhance their understanding of this little blue planet we call home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the education of history by providing deep dives into people, events and cultures that left an indelible mark on a global scale.

Our Vision

At World History Edu, we firmly believe that the future lies in history. By gaining proper understanding of the world through knowledge and interpretation of past events from a global perspective, we are more likely to communicate better with other cultures. This will in turn enable us understand and even build upon the ties that bind us and thereby create a more prejudice-free, undogmatic and bright future for the human race.

Our easy-to-read and unbiased articles help people visualize the past. We paint a clear picture of how civilizations were born and collapsed, how people in those civilizations lived, and the technology that they used. Most importantly, considerable effort is paid to providing notable accomplishments of those civilizations and the historic figures that lived in those societies.

We welcome you to explore what it was like to be a craftsman working in one of the pyramids at the Giza pyramid complex in ancient Egypt, a Roman general who had several legions under his command or Union soldier in the American Civil War.